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Flight Review/Instrument Proficiency Check

Flight Review:

A flight review must consist of a minimum of 1 hour of ground training and a
minimum of 1 hour of flight training.
Additional instruction will be provided if
required. This is a training event,
an instructional opportunity, not a checkride. We
can tailor the
flight to meet your individual flying needs for flight proficiency and

Instrument Proficiency Check:

If you are not Instrument current or just need a refresher, this is a perfect time to
get back into instrument flying. The IPC usually takes 2 hours of flight training
and 1.5 hours of ground training, based on your proficiency.

Flight and ground instruction for single-engine aircraft is $65.00 per hour. Flight
and ground instruction for multi-engine aircraft is $85.00 per hour.



Reference Advisory Circular 61-98D Currency Requirements and Guidance for the
Flight Review and Instrument Proficiency Check.

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