Discovery Flight

Every journey begins with a single step.  Start your aviation journey with a Discovery Flight!   

Just $189


If you’ve ever wondered what being a pilot is like, this is the experience for you!

Your discovery flight will begin on the ground with your professional and safety-minded FAA Certified Flight Instructor.  He/she will give you a briefing about your flight, an explanation of what learning to fly is really like, and take you up in the air to experience how to maneuver the aircraft through turns, climbs, glides, and fly the aircraft back to the airport.

It’s a great way to start a career and even change your life.  Your discovery flight adventure will last approximately two hours with the actual fight portion lasting approximately one hour.

Your Discovery Flight experience will help you decide if you want to pursue flying training. If a Private Pilot certification is your goal, your Discovery flight will count towards your requirement. 


Ready to Be Your Own Captain?

For more information and to book your Discovery Flight with Sierra give us a call at (209) 722-7522 EXT 109 or contact


*Please note that Discovery Flights are NOT scenic tours.  They are for individuals genuinely curious about learning to fly. 


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