Learn to fly in beautiful sunny California. With over 300 days a year of sunshine and great visual conditions your flight training will face very little interruptions. Sierra Academy's approved 141 course allows for 230 hours of flight time with over 200 hours of Pilot in Command Time. Similar to an airline lifestyle, you will work with a profession dispatch department to support your training schedule. In this way, our schedule allows for 11 months of structured training and when combining Instrument and Commercial Courses concurrently we can even adjust the completion time to a just 10 months.


Included in each course program

  • FAA Written Exams for each Course

  • Designated Practical Examiner's Check Ride Fees

  • Student Pilot Academic Supplies


Student Responsibilities Include

  • Show up prepared and on time for every scheduled event

  • Study every day even when no homework has been assigned

  • Pass at least 90% of ALL missions on the first attempt

  • Pass Ground School on the first attempt

  • Take and pass all exams when scheduled

  • Train at least 1 -2 missions per day, 5 days a week (No less than 30 missions a month)

Certificate                                   Flight Time                         Schedule

Private Pilot                                76 Hours                            15 Weeks

Instrument Pilot                          35 Hours                            19 Weeks

Commercial Multi-Engine      120 Hours                            16 Weeks


​**Students will complete 270 Hours of ground-based classroom instruction**


Sierra Academy's High-Performance Turbine Transition program is thorough and efficient. Our High-Performance Turbine Transition Course can be added. Completion time is 4 weeks and includes 20 hours of high altitude flying in our King Air C90.