Our Current Operations

Sierra Academy of Aeronautics is an international training center, approved by the FAA as a PART 141 Flight School. Sierra Academy is strategically located at the former U.S. Air Force Base known as Castle Airport (KMER) in Atwater, California. Although we receive student pilots from both the U.S. and around the world, Sierra specializes in training international students from the Asia-Pacific region; primarily from China, South Korea and Vietnam.


At Sierra Academy, students do not just learn how to become a pilot, but rather, how to become a professional pilot. It is a PART 141 Flight School with a PART 121 Air Carrier spirit; meaning we train students and flight instructors to meet or exceed the standards and expectations of a career airline, right down to the uniform.


Our dedicated flight and administrative departments represent a combined experience of over 40 years managing and coordinating flight training operations. This level of focus and experience allows for a successful and consistent pass rate with a fine-tuned training environment which produces commercial pilots in as little as 10 to 12 months.


Some of the key advantages which help Sierra Academy stand apart from other flight schools include:

  • On-site co-ed dormitory & cafeteria buildings

  • On-site Fuel Silos, Fuel Trucks and Line Service

  • On-site Aircraft Maintenance & Avionics Repair Station