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Sierra Academy of Aeronautics is one of the largest employers within the central valley. Our company succeeds because we have a talented group of individuals working to make Sierra successful. We are always looking for motivated, independent, and reliable individuals to join our team. If you have experience in general maintenance, accounting, aviation dispatch, or management than we may have a position for you. Contact our human resources department today for more information.

“Every day I am surrounded by individuals who are passionate or well experienced in aviation. I have been working at Sierra Academy for over 2 years now, and I find my job and the environment I work in to be very exciting! I started off as a flight dispatcher and aircraft fueler, but I have become so interested and immersed with the people and operations here that I was able to quickly learn and move up in my company to become a manager. Now I assist with daily operations which are very important to safety and efficiency for our student pilots, and I feel like I have become a part of aviation history"

Josh Daniel, Human Resources

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