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Your Gateway to Learning

Situated within walking distance to the runway and flight dispatch department are our student and Instructor housing. Multi-level buildings housing students and flight instructors. Students enrolled in the professional Airline pilot program receive double occupancy housing with all rooms coming fully furnished. All rooms include a bed, desk, dresser, Refrigerator, and wash area. Directly connected is a shared bathroom.


All flight instructors will be receiving their own room while working at Sierra Academy. All rooms are located on the lower level of our two main facility buildings. Rooms coming fully furnished with a bed, desk, dresser, full refrigerator, wash sink, and end tables. A dual shared bathroom is directly accessible from your own room. Each instructor room has its own private entrance.    


Sierra Academy has its own cafeteria located directly next to the student and instructor dormitory. Capable of serving over 900 meals a day our cafeteria allows our pilots to stay energized during all hours of the day. Once a week we bring the cafeteria outside to an employee and student BBQ. Our weekly BBQ lunch allows members of staff and students to converse and relax during the hectic daily schedules.

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