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Being a CFI is a challenging and rewarding career that utilizes all you have learned during your own flight training to train future pilots.  Flight Instructors aim to be a role model of the aviation community, sharing knowledge and experience with their students.  Now that you’re a CFI, Sierra Academy is offering you a training program that allows you to take your first step to acquire a CFII rating and potentially receive an MEI. 

Be a part of the experience

The aircraft used is a Cessna 152 (two-seater) - Flight Cost $120.00 @ hour

FAA Certified Flight Instructors - Cost $65.00 @ hour

Ground Instructor 1 on 1 - Cost $65.00 @ hour


Based on the FAA minimum flight training and Sierra’s estimated flight and ground instruction hours the following is the estimated cost:

Dual Flight Hours (C-152) – 8 hours @ $180.00 per hour = $1,440.00.

Ground School – 10 hours @ $65.00 per hour = $650.00.

1 on 1 Instruction - 3 hours @ $65.00 per hour = $195.00.

Pre/Post – 4 hours @ $65.00 per hour = $260.00.

E-Book/Material - $150.00.

Application Fee - $150.00 (Non-refundable).

Scheduling and FAA Records - @ $480.00.

Total estimated flight and ground training cost:  $2,675.00*


Other Fees:

FAA Knowledge Test (CFII) - $175.00

FAA Check ride - $1,000.00

FAA Check ride Recheck - $600.00

Dress Code


Materials: 2 white pilot shirts, 1 set of epaulets, 1 black tie. (To be provided by Sierra).  Applicant needs to be in full uniform: black slacks, black dress shoes, black belt, and long black dress socks. 


*Please note the price is an estimate for a C-152.  Depending on weight and height the student may have to train in a C-172 (4-seat) aircraft which is estimated at $3,075.00.


**Please note the national average to get a CFII is 8 to 10 hours of flight training.  Each person’s ability and availability to fly vary.  Any additional flight training cost, use of aircraft cost, or instructor training cost will be the responsibility of the student pilot.

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